About Ammil

From the beginning Ammil was created to inspire all of the incredible women out there. 

🦋 The meaning behind the name Ammil is a term for the thin film of ice that lacquers all leaves, twigs, and grass blades when a freeze follows a partial thaw, and that in sunlight can cause a whole landscape to glitter.

🌼 And now that you know a little bit more about my business let me introduce myself. 🌼

I think most of you already know me from Instagram or Tiktok (the crazy lady from the videos), but for everyone new my name is Day and I am the maker 💗


A few things about me: I was born in Brazil but I currently live my dream in Houston Texas 💕 (my first language is Portuguese which I love speaking)

Also I’m 25yo and my sign is the crab 🦀 (crying much?!) maybe 🤔

I created @ammil_design about 2 years ago
(or maybe @ammil_design recreated me… it’s hard to tell).

My lovely job started as a peaceful outlet (it literally saved me 🧘‍♀️). And about a year ago became my full time job.

I love mystic things, plants & flowers, the Goddesses, animals in general (having 2 sweet big dogs and a purrry cat), I trade any rumors of big crowd to the piece and quiet of my studio, I love alone time which can be great and not so great at the same time 🤔, ahhh I like so much stuff, also my favorite color is green and summer is perfect weather to me ☀️

I hope this sums up 🦋 but if you have any interesting questions let me know 🥰

feel so fortunate to work in an industry in which the products and services I provide bring happiness to others. Also, all of the products offered are inspired by nature and handmade with care & love. Because my priority is to bring the beauty of nature to you. 

🌷🌹 Flowers provides the following benefits 🌷🌹:

Flowers have an immediate impact on happiness.
Flowers have a long-term positive effect on moods.  
Flowers create intimate connections. Giving and receiving flowers creates positive contact between family and friends.