Beautiful World
Beautiful World

Beautiful World

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🌻 "You are stronger than you think you are, and your strength assures a happy outcome" 🌻

You are magic on this earth, you are seen for your talents. You are amazing and beautiful. Your soul is pure and vibrant with magic.
How amazing a woman’s body is. It can naturally protect and care for life it didn’t meet yet. ✨
This collection I dedicate to all the magical women out there, that is strong, caring, loving, compassionate, and amazing! 🦋

Love and Nature it's all we got!!

⋒ SIZE ⋒

3.5in Length X 1.5in Width


Non-Toxic Epoxy Resin
Steel Frame
Hypoallergenic Hoops

Dried Flowers, botanicals, terrariums.

⋒ CARE ⋒

Don't store in high heat, which can cause shape defects and flowers to fade.