We are closing our store 🥺

It's the end of an ERA!!! 😭💔 But we still have good news so hold on!

Here is a quick story of how things went down:

- Sales these last 2 years were gradually starting to be really though but I am still grateful for everyone that shopped my small business 🥹 YOU ARE THE REASON WHY I MADE IT THIS WHOLE YEAR! I am so grateful for you!

- I also started looking for other options to change professions and I am still figuring out, but I am on track 😉

- Honestly lots of not so great things happened this year that were really though and help me made my decision. 

But here is the good news 🤩📢 

- We are having a MEGA SALE 🛒🛍️ to finish all the inventory of the store. So all the store is $25 or LESS 😱

- Enjoy our FINAL MEGA SALE, all items will be gone forever. 

- Make sure to read the descriptions of the products, because all sales are final and no refund will be made in any item after the purchase.